Step 3 – Looking Ahead

Create a plan to get closer to financial freedom.

If you’ve never looked at your finances in black and white before, this may have been rather exposing. Did they look better or worse than you anticipated?

If it wasn’t looking great, did you make some adjustments? Did you play around with your spend categories? Remember, your budget is to hold you accountable for your spend, so be realistic and make sure what you put in is manageable.

Looking ahead

Now you’re at the juicy part. You’re going to look forward and plan the year ahead!

You are going to be working with a super-duper Excel sheet (if I do say so myself!). Please do not be daunted though – if you’ve managed to use the Budgeting Tool, you can cope with the Budget Forecast Tool.

The Plan

The plan is to create your Budget Forecast in time for the start of the new month (1st May, or of you are doing this later, prepare it for the coming month).

As usual…

I’ve created the following to help you create your Budget Forecast (YouTube link to come, it’s processing!):

  1. Read this
  2. Create your Budget Forecast using this download*
  3. Watch this
  4. Join my live workshop via Zoom here (you’ll need the password: 2VqkhH to enter)**

*Do pay attention to the instructions on the first tab, and follow-through in the order described. 

**The live workshop will take you through some key points to help you manage your Budget Forecast, offer some money-saving tips and ideas for additional income. It will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

If you’re stuck…

I am here for all your questions, so please do not hesitate to ask. Simply reply to the email you should have received or complete the form below.