Step 1 – Net Worth

The first step involves us taking a top-line view of our finances.

We need to know where we stand right now, as this will enable us to identify any weak spots and be well-positioned to tackle them.

This may sound like a scary task, but I urge you to be bold and take the step. Once you have worked it out, you are done. You will now be in a better position to go on to be even better still!

Get started!

I’ve created the following to help you get to work calculating your net worth. 1 and 2 offer similar information – it is simply a matter of whether you prefer reading or watching. Feel free to check them all out! 🙂

  1. Read this article
  2. Watch this video
  3. Calculate your net worth using this download*

*The download I’ve created has been set up so that you simply need to add the values of your various assets and liabilities into the cells. I have also enabled the titles to be changed.

If you’re stuck…

I am here for all your questions, so please do not hesitate to ask. Simply reply to the email you should have received or complete the form below.