Easy money making tips

Put more money in your pocket! Have a look at the ideas below for different ways to do this.


Set up a an account to hold your savings or emergency funds. Many current accounts offer more benefits and better interest rates than savings accounts, so do have a look. Make sure you stay on top of the rates they are paying to make sure you’re getting the best on offer.

Money making accounts benefits include:

  • Cashback on spending
  • Interest earned on Direct Debit payments
  • Interest earned on balances held

Nationwide Flex Direct account:

Today (30th April) is the last opportunity to benefit from the 5% interest rate on offer from the Flex Direct account – it will drop to 2% tomorrow. Interest is paid into your account monthly.

Please note the following:

  • You will need to add £1,000 every month to benefit from this interest
  • The 5% is only payable on balances up to £2,500

Tip: Regarding the £1,000, you can simply recycle the same money. Set up standing orders to pay into the Flex Direct account and then pay the same money back out, say, 10 days later – of course, this requires you to have the £1,000 available to move around!

Money Box

Money Box are offering a rate of 1.45% to lock money away with 95 days’ notice. Interest is paid into your account monthly.

  • You can start with £1 and add money regularly

There are many others – do take some time to have a look.

Cashback Websites


Sign up to Topcashback as a pit stop when you are buying online.

For example, if you plan to buy from eBay or Currys, check this website first to see if they have a cashback deal, then simply click through and continue your purchase as normal. You earn money by clicking through Topcashback.

Money is credited to your Topcashback account for you to withdraw. I’ve earned over £400 to date.


Quidco is another cashback site, it runs in a similar way to Topcashback.

Sell unwanted items

Sell those unwanted items and let someone else love them.


Adding each item on eBay can be a little tedious, but it is worth the time financially.

Other websites that are good for selling include:

Tip: If you’re having a wardrobe clear out, pop clothes in a large bag and offer the entire bag for sale. Be clear on the type of contents – you’ll do better to stick to one type, e.g: women’s size 14. Set a reasonable price and it’ll be gone in no time!

Side Hustle

Do you have a skill that could earn you some extra change? Could you teach a language? Do you know how to code? Can you design a website? Are you a good writer? You’ll be surprised to find some skills you hold are in demand!

Many of these ventures can be pursued online. Get creative and put yourself out there – websites such as fiverr are great for advertising.

Cancel insurances

Do you have annual travel insurance or car insurance you’re not using right now? Cancel and get a refund. 

Claim tax from HMRC

If you are working from home during these times as an employee, and not already receiving money to compensate your working from home, you can claim this back from HMRC.

A flat rate of £6 per week can be claimed – you’ll get the tax back, but you’ll see this reflected in your tax code for the 2021-22 tax year. There will be no physical cash in your hand now but it’s a good thing to set up for later. You’ll need to use this P87 form.

Alternatively, you can claim hard cash back, but there is strict criteria as to how much can be claimed for different things. 

Rent out parking space

Check out the Just Park app or Your parking space, and make money without lifting a finger. 

Claim tax back if you wear a uniform

If you wear a uniform for work and have to wash it yourself, you could claim cashback for up to the last 5 years. Check out the HMRC website for more information.

Online Surveys

Stay at home and make some extra cash by doing online surveys. Check out the following:


Prize Rebel

Mystery shopping

This one is for post Covid-19, as it requires you to visit shops and usually buy something. You’ll be reimbursed for what you spend and receive a top-up payment.


eMystery Shopper

Market research

There are many agencies which offer market researcher roles, but one I found that pays well is the following: 


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