Making the most of your budget

Creating a budget is great and all, but, as with most things, it can only be as good as the information you put in it. Most budgets don’t work hard for their owners and this is usually because their owners haven’t worked hard to create them. Below, I whizz through a few considerations to beContinue reading “Making the most of your budget”

A budgeting guide

Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of maintaining good financial health. Mindfully managing where your money goes is the starting point for financial freedom. A budget is a detailed and comprehensive list of all income and expenses over a given short period – typically, a month. It includes your salary and other income,Continue reading “A budgeting guide”

A 5 step guide to budget forecasting

You may be up-to-speed with budgeting, but budget forecasting is next level. It helps you plan longer term for your financial future, by helping you set goals and targets. Budget forecasting organises your money and will do so much more for your pocket in the long run. What is a budget forecast? While a budgetContinue reading “A 5 step guide to budget forecasting”

5 Types of Spend You Should Avoid

If you are wanting to get more money-savvy, there are many things that you can do to speed up this process! Below, we run through some of the common cash drainers – make an effort to stop spending on these! Late Payment Charges Late payment charges often occur where you forget about an upcoming bill.Continue reading “5 Types of Spend You Should Avoid”