Who We Are

Money Monday is a finance education company with a mission of helping people improve their financial lives. Money Monday understands that improved financial literacy leads to more opportunities, better well-being and improved generational wealth.

Financial literacy is the ability to distinguish between the range of finance products available. Also be able to make decisions about investing, insurance, property, budgeting, education, retirement and tax planning. It is the key to wealth building and security.

The financial market offering the products and services above contains a lot of complex information. Many of us have not been equipped with the tools necessary to navigate through this market. Take pensions, for example: once upon a time we would have happily accepted the only available pension as that provided by our employer. Now, we must learn about and sieve through the defined contribution, defined benefit etc. We must consider rates! Times have changed.

We at Money Monday are invested in helping to improve the financial literacy of those that need it most by educating people on how to manage money, plan, budget, understand the market and ultimately build a better financial future.


The Founder

Krystle McGilvery completed her Financial Mathematics degree straight after college. She earned her Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) qualification shortly after. For 10 years Krystle has worked in finance for many large companies in the creative spaces of PR, advertising, marketing and technology.

Krystle has taught mathematics since her first year of university. She has always found sharing her knowledge with others at crucial points in their learning to be highly rewarding. For the last five years she has taught personal finance and accounting.

It was after witnessing several people experience bad money-related incidents, that Krystle began researching financial literacy and the most effective ways to teach it. It was here that her passion to help people improve their financial capability solidified. Thus, Money Monday was born.

Her sole aim is to help people understand the world of finance, facilitating better choices and more opportunities. This, with a special focus to help improve the often poor financial literacy levels amongst underprivileged groups.

Away from the world of finance, Krystle loves to draw and is an avid traveller and photographer.