Make smarter money decisions.

At Money Monday, everything we do is focused on improving financial understanding and capability for all. We provide a range of products and services to meet the demands of the ever-changing economic environment. We equip you with the tools needed to make better money decisions.


A range of online courses and materials from Monday Money. Keep a lookout for updates.


Personal Finance

Understanding your finances in an ever-changing market is imperative for maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. Our finance education syllabus covers topics such as budgeting, understanding financial products on the market, and the economy. All modules will help you make better money decisions.


Numeracy is fundamental to improving your financial well-being. Being equipped with core mathematical concepts will help you navigate daily life as you make sense of your personal finances.

Small Business Finance

Starting a small business can be daunting if you have limited understanding of finance. We want to encourage small business and so offer a syllabus that teaches the fundamentals required to get started and maintain a well-managed business.


One-to-One Coaching

We offer a one-to-one service, taking you through the syllabus at a speed that suits your lifestyle. This includes providing tailor-made tools, practical guidance and ongoing support.


We deliver face-to-face workshops and online webinars tailored to the needs of the audience. These focus on a range of topics, including net worth, preparing to buy property, starting a business and much more.


We provide a range of finance and numeracy tools, calculators and useful fact sheets to assist with your learning.

What Other Clients Say

The guidance from Money Monday included effective ways to save money, improve mine and my husband’s credit score and how to stick to a budget, which worked wonders for me. I have recently lost my job due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and I found this course very encouraging, as it provided me some valuable tips on how to manage my debts and prioritise my bills without falling further into debt.

― Yasmin, school teacher

Money Monday’s financial education course was easy to navigate and easy to understand. MM made the modules a perfect length to digest – concise enough to hold my attention and long enough for me to understand the information provided.

― Denise, small business owner

After suffering from financial naïveté for decades, Money Monday broke things down into such simple terms that I now have a wholly positive outlook where my finances are concerned. I only wish I could have benefitted from it earlier on in my professional and personal lives.

― Jay, sole trader

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